Search engines today have replaced the yellow pages of yesterday. In fact, more people find businesses via search engines than typing business URLs directly into Web browsers.

Effective SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is both an art and a science. Effective SEO strategies rely on numerous items ranging from website design, content and link building. Link building is increasing the number and quality of inbound hyper-links to your Web site from other sites. Content marketing is keyword laden and strategically published copywriting that increases your search ability. SEO is a science in that the tactics employed (such as link building to increase traffic to a website originating at search engines) change over time based on updates to the algorithms search engines employ to rank sites. SEO an art in that the content messaging must be crafted to communicate to audiences, while simultaneously attract search engines.

SEO Checklist for Articles

Nailing good SEO for an article is not tough and a good SEO checklist can help with this. When trying to meet deadlines, making a list and checking it twice is always a good thing. Do your keyword research. It may feel tedious, but this is a game-changer. Aim for keywords that match the intent…

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Website Launch Checklist

22 step WordPress website checklist. Don’t let easy mistake or distractions put a damper on your new site. 1. Delete Dummy Content (e.g. “Hello World!”) By default, WordPress comes with its own dummy content such as the infamous “Hello World!” post and “Sample Page” page. Some popular hosts also add their own dummy content on…

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How to Optimize Images For SEO

Wondering how to How to Optimize Images For SEO and what it is? Image optimisation for SEO is making sure that you follow SEO guidelines for the images you use on your website. This is important for anyone with a website, but especially those with an e-commerce site or very niche content. You want Google…

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How to Use Header Tags: SEO Best Practices

Header tags are still important to both Google and your users. Here are 5 best practices to follow when developing content for your website, Header tags are a simple yet critical part of SEO, use them wisely and you’ll please the search engine gods, as well as your users. Header tags are still a strong signal for…

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